New sellers of children’s clothing selection misconceptions

Many newcomers in children’s clothing selection when the attention is all on the appearance of the clothes, run through all the wholesale market or rummage through the network, must find the most beautiful style. Good color, cute patterns, new and special …… must be the kind of children wear out to become the focus of the crowd! The best or exclusive source of goods, whether online or offline stores can not find the kind of! Then what? You will find that it is easy to find the fashion style sales are dismal, not enough to make ends meet. This is a problem in the selection of children’s clothing ah!

children's clothing

According to our experience, newcomers in the selection of styles have roughly the following four misconceptions:

1. clothes look good, but the fabric has problems

Some fabrics are beautiful, but winter clothes are not warm, summer clothes are not breathable, not a practical choice of clothes. For example, little girls wear sarongs in the summer, very beautiful, wear it like a fairy, but wear it will be found to have a lot of problems. First of all, it is not convenient to go to the toilet, followed by not breathable, the child is not comfortable to wear, and finally washing has some difficulty. Another example is the quality of clothing fabric is not up to scratch, you know that children’s clothes are very easy to dirty, after a few washes it is easy to deformation of the fabric, far from the original hand when you get that fluffy feeling.

2. style is not practical

Mothers in the children’s clothing shopping for children’s meticulous is you can not imagine, just enter the children’s clothing industry (Wholesale Kid Clothes) newcomers who are not able to put themselves in the parents’ perspective, they often have problems in the selection of children’s clothing. For example, mothers will pick the T-shirt selection on the collar smaller clothes, because the collar is too large clothes easy to show the baby’s shoulders, may lead to the child cold and cold, so parents are particularly concerned about the collar when buying clothes, we should also pay more attention to this in the selection of models. Then again, many moms like to buy backpacks for their little boys because it looks cool. That’s true. But it is very inconvenient for children to go to the toilet, and he will not be able to put on and take off such complicated pants. If they get dirty, it is also troublesome for parents to help change the pants. So, in many kindergartens, teachers forbid children to wear strappy pants.

3. Cost-effectiveness is not good

As we all know, children’s bodies grow quickly, so one of the characteristics of children’s clothing is a very short life cycle. Basically, every time the season changes, mothers have to give their children a new outfit from head to toe. There are many ways to deal with clothes that don’t fit before, but most parents choose to throw them away. (I highly recommend that parents donate their children’s unworn and ill-fitting clothes to relevant charities, and second-hand clothing is also a good choice when buying children’s clothing.) When parents buy children’s clothing, price is a very critical consideration. This is very different from adult clothing. Adult clothing wears a long time, the fabric is better, the shape is better, we are willing to spend more money to buy. However, the short life cycle of children’s clothing determines that people will not spend a high price to buy (the safety and comfort of the fabric is the decisive factor in the purchase of children’s clothing, parents are more willing to pay for the fabric of children’s clothing). Therefore, children’s clothing is about comfort and cost performance, you sell children’s clothing style looks good, the fabric is also particularly good, but the price is high, it is not good to sell.

4. grandma / grandmother do not like

Do you think it’s strange? However, you must consider the vision of the elderly when selecting models! After all, nowadays, children are generally grandmother or grandmother with the elderly, and the elderly live together, the child’s daily wear what clothes are also decided by the elderly. I asked some of the mothers, many of them said to buy home clothes children’s grandmothers are not satisfied. The collar of this dress is too low, easy to breathe through the wind, right? This dress is too tight, uncomfortable, right? This clothing how not breathable ah? For example, some particles of velvet small jacket, look good, the price is also very appropriate, but wear and wash, three times will be serious pilling, not only ugly but also not warm. The child’s grandmother is often more stringent requirements for children’s clothing, and it is not an easy task to deal with them. Old people still have a say in this area, if she does not approve of the clothes you sell, then you may lose a regular customer.

So many reasons, in the final analysis, a big reason for bad sales is: you choose the clothes look good, but not practical enough! So, what are the characteristics of explosive children’s clothing? You have to remember the most important point is: children’s clothing selection, must be transformed from ornamental to practical. Specifically: the fabric, must be a soft cotton style is the main, denim, polyester, washed cloth and other hard fabrics are not sold. Style, try to simple T-shirt, casual wear is the main. Children are active, running and jumping, it is convenient for him to move freely, but also convenient for parents or kindergarten teachers to change. The color, to choose the dirty, because children’s clothes are easy to dirty. Not dirty color such as pure white, just put on when it will look good, but not a moment will be discolored and dirty. I hope the above can help you, if you have other suggestions on the selection of children’s clothing, welcome to discuss with us!

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