5 best Alternative Dating Apps like Tinder

Online communication apps have been recent in things in India. Starting the trend was Tinder. The apps scenario was revolutionized by Tinder. With over 10 billion matches claimed so far, Tinder, however, is not the hot favorite with all of us. There have been consistent searches for alternative dating apps like Tinder. And that is the reason we set out enlisting the apps like Tinder in our article.

Why we need alternatives to Tinder?

Well, the primary reason why people have been searching for an alternative for Tinder is that it has introduced a subscription-based version. The app has so far been free, but the Plus subscription has been drawing a lot of flak. Moreover, Tinder is based on your looks for finding matches. If you are someone who would like to find matches on the basis of your overall personality, you will definitely need to look for some other app.

dating apps like tinder

5 Best Alternative to Tinder – Apps like Tinder

Here we go with the list of our top picks for alternatives –

1. Woo

Woo is one of the best dating apps like tinder that have been primarily aimed at Indian users. The Woo app matches people’s profiles based on their interests.

One of the features that Woo shares with Tinder is just like Tinder, it needs your Facebook account to sign in to the app. The app states that it does take care of your privacy concerns. Woo has a perfect authentication process. It claims that each of the profiles received on the service is verified and it retains only the authentic profiles on its database.

The app does have a negative tint as well. It keeps pestering you to invite people to use it. There are many questions that are asked during registration. That can be a reason for annoyance.

2. OKCupid

Launched in 2004, OKCupid is one of the straightforward apps in its genre. It wants you to come up with a straightforward answer as to whether you are straight, bisexual or gay.

They do not ask you to pay for private messaging. It works on a search algorithm. It will ask you a few questions to get information on your hobbies and interests. Carrying forward the sexual orientation related queries as we pointed out above, the app also asks you questions about your smoking and drinking habits. OKCupid aims at the people who look forward to serious kinds of relationships.

3. TrulyMadly

This is one app that gamified your communication. It makes your relation activities a FUN activity. It has a lot of fun activities within the app. The app boasts you 4.5 million matches so far.

TrulyMadly presents your games within the app – like Hocus Focus and Foodie Panda. The app lets you register to the service through your Facebook account, or if you do not like it – you can register with your own email ID. The app takes care of safety and privacy quite extensively. You will need to have the least score of 30 percent as far as your intentions to date is concerned. It is not that easy to get that 30 percent verification.

Apart from other features similar to Tinder, the app has stringent rules to take care of safety. TrulyMadly will not let you take screenshots of photos nor will it allow you to download them. It will use a hundred percent verification procedure. TrulyMadly has been considered as one of the best apps in terms of security.

4. Happn

Happn is one of the unique interactive apps you will find in your app store. It works as a result of concept within the “nearby” feature. It is based on geolocation technology.

The app will let you meet with people who have been near or at the location you are at. It can even let you see how many times you have met (unknown to each other) so far. The rest of the working is quite similar to Tinder. You will like someone, and the other person likes you back – once that happens, it will be a Crush. You can now begin conversing with each other.

The app will not let you connect with anyone just like that. Even if you like someone, you will not be able to converse with the person unless he/she does not like you. This is a good option as it would avoid you getting pestered by a crook or creepy person.

The app also has a Charms feature – much like the SuperLikes feature that is found on Tinder. These are what will help you get you noticed. But yes, to use the Charms feature – you need to have the credits. The credits can be either bought through in-app purchases or earned through inviting friends to the app.

5. Coffee Meets Bagel

The Coffee Meets Bagel is a similar type of app as Tinder in many ways than one but appears a little refined and inclusive. It suggests the partner based on the interests you have shared on the app.

You will be introduced to a Bagel every afternoon. The Bagel is the term coined by the app for the word match. This suggestion will be based on what you like, your common interests and what you look forward to in your relationships. The Bagel thus introduced will be someone who has mutual friends with you. If you like the Bagel, you will let her/him know, or if you do not like it, you can just swipe away.

The mutual friendship is based on the common interests you share with the Bagel. Once your relationship is established, you can meet in separate “chatrooms”. The app will let you break the ice with the icebreaker questions so that you can try to understand each other. It will also make suggestions for meetups.

The app is free but comes with in-app purchases if you want more Bagels. The in-app purchases can be made by buying them via the store, or by earning credits by liking the social media pages of the app and inviting your friends to the app.

And to conclude…

Well, that completes our top list for the best alternatives to Tinder. We do not claim that this list is exhaustive. If you are the one who has not happy with the Tinder interface or functionality – a couple of these apps may appeal to you. If Tinder could not help you get a match, try any of the apps featured here and share your views with us. Do you have any favorite apps that you would have wanted to be featured on this list? We would welcome you to share your favorite apps in your comments here.

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