4 Tips to Get Rid of Back Pain

Neck and back pain are some of the most frustrating and annoying pains to have. Not only do they cause nagging discomfort, but they can keep you from doing some of the activities you enjoy the most. Both neck and back pain can be caused by a variety of triggers, but they can all be relieved by a combination of the same treatments. Below are four things you can do to minimize and eliminate your neck and back pain.

Get Rid of Back Pain


It’s true; exercise is the solution to many health conditions and concerns including many causes of neck and back pain. Exercise is particularly helpful if your pain is caused by tension or poor posture. If your back pain is predominately in your lower back focus on core exercise and engaging your core while seated at your desk. You could even replace your office chair with a stability ball that will encourage a stronger core. If your pain is throughout your upper and lower back focus on full-body workouts. Your full-body workout will release tension and loosen stiff and sore muscles. Surprisingly, back and neck pains are often caused by other areas of your body such as your hips or knees. Bonus points if you follow up your workout with a session in the steam room or sauna at your gym.


Stretching should be part of your exercise warm-up and cool down. Stretching allows you to release tension directly from the areas in which you are feeling the most discomfort. However, you may feel your pain in an area that is actually generated from a different source. For example, pain in your lower back can cause neck pain because you are sitting in a position that takes pressure off your lower back but adds it to your neck. Lower back pain is often caused by tight hamstrings. Not only will stretching make you feel less pain, but it will increase circulation and release tension. To combine exercise and stretching consider signing up for yoga or Pilates.

Invest In The Proper Bed And Pillow

When your bed and pillow are not making you feel comfortable you will have a difficult time finding the right position. You spend about 1/3 of your day in bed, so if you are not comfortable it can lead to chronic pain. The common mistake many people make is in purchasing a bed that is at a great price, without taking into consideration if the bed or pillow is the right fit for their body. When you take the time to find and invest in the right mattress you will not only have less neck and back pain, but you will have a more restful sleep. While firm mattresses may not be as comfy as you may desire, they are often the best for your spine. As far as pillows go opt for one that allows your head to rest in a natural position that is not raised too high or too low. If you and your spouse have a different preference in mattress firmness purchase a bed that has individual firmness controls for each side of the bed. If you have hip pain and lower back problems you can also use leg and knee pillows.

Alternative Treatments

When you have chronic back pain that is not relieved by the suggestions above or is caused by an accident or injury, sometimes alternative treatments are your best solution. This could be acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage, acupressure, physical therapy, traction, or ultrasound. These alternative treatments are often used in conjunction with one another.

If your neck and back pain is causing a disruption in your life it is time to take action. Instead of masking your pain and inflammation with prescription medications, try the suggestions above.

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