3 Hairstyle Alternatives for men and Women

Teenagers are always on the look out for something new and unusual. Naturally, they tend to get bored with contemporary fashion and the classic haircut styles and ideas. Alternative hairstyles are the best option for such teenagers and young adults. Alternative hairstyles are different than regular hairstyles and hence you need a different attitude to carry them. These hairstyles are bold and they thoroughly reflect your interests, personality, and mindset. Both men and women can get some really crazy alternative hairstyles, but the norms for both of them are totally different. Let’s find out the alternative hairstyles for men and women. More on teen hairstyles.

Hairstyle Alternatives For Women

Here are a few hairstyles that you may like to consider as the best alternative hairstyles for girls. These hairstyles can be modified to suit both men and women.

Emo Hairstyles

The word emo is an abbreviation for ’emotional’. Being emo is all about bringing about your deepest emotions. As a result, emo hairstyles deeply reflect the personal motto and feelings about the world and self. These hairstyles are mainly layered with tapered ends, spiking, asymmetrically cut bangs, wedge cuts, loads of fringes, chunky hair highlights and totally stark and unusual hair color ideas. Yes, these are the same haircuts that artists of alternative rock bands, indie bands, and skis opt for. You can create your own variation in the emo hairstyle. However, you need to be careful and select the best haircut and hair color that suits your face and skin tone. More on emo haircuts for girls.

Gothic Hairstyles

Gothic hairstyles are pretty versatile hairstyles that can be transformed into medieval, Victorian as well as Elizabethan hairstyle. The best thing about the Gothic hairstyles is their stark contrasts. Gothic hairstyles are predominantly jet black or black hair with shades of various unusually funky colors like purple, red and metallic blue. These are ‘falling’ hairstyles which can be worn with or without hair extensions. You can style Gothic hairstyles according to your choice. For instance, you can get long romantic hair with a nice corset top. Or you can also opt for a Gothic beehive updo hairstyles. Today, the professional hairstylists also incorporate some exciting punk hairstyles with the Gothic hairstyles. It is a funky and trendy version of the Goth haircuts.

Scene Hairstyles

Scene hairstyles are equally popular among teenagers. They can also be incorporated with the punk hairstyles. Scene hairstyles are totally unique and have their own characteristics that can be interchanged based on your personal choice. Scene hairstyles for girls mainly include choppy and shaggy haircuts, asymmetrical blunt cuts and shy haircut. A shy hairstyle can be called as the trademark hairstyle of scene hairstyles. These hairstyles incorporate long bangs that are side-swept, in order to cover one or both the eyes of the wearer. You must also try a few scene hair color ideas to make the hairstyle look cute and unique. Like most other alternative emo and punk hairstyles, scene hairstyles are always accompanied by one or various unusual colors and deeper contrasts. With hair colors you can turn any ordinary scene hairstyle into an exclusive one. More on how to scene your hair.

Alternative Hairstyles For Men

As I said previously, the above-mentioned hairstyles can also be modified into alternative hairstyles for guys. Alternative hairstyles for men are easy to carry, easy to maintain and easy to cast a spell on anyone! Here are some of the happening alternative hairstyles for boys that you can try.

Mohawk Hairstyles

I am using the term Mohawk hairstyles in a really wide sense of imagination because I want to suggest various over-the-top men’s hairstyles. You can opt for a razored spike cut with slightly shorter hair at the side of the head. You can also opt for the voguish faux hawk hairstyles which are an extreme version of the famous Mohawk hairstyles. You can customize the extremity of your hairstyle as per your preferences, starting from 2 to 4 inches wide to even 12 inches high! It’s all up to you. You can also incorporate other popular forms like the buzz haircut and fade haircut with Mohawk hairstyles. To style Mohawk hairstyles you can use hair styling products like mousse, gel, wax, pomades, and hairspray. More Mohawk hairstyles for men.

Bed Head Hairstyles

Since messy hairstyles and tousled cuts are worshiped all over the fashion world, bed head hairstyles are still one of the most coveted hairstyles for men. They are a kind of punk hairstyle that requires slightly longer locks. As a result, you need to grow the hair to at least 2 inches long, if you have zeroed in on the bed head hairstyle as your muse. Hair at the side and back of the head are cropped as per the convenience of the wearer, while the hair on top is given a slightly flat texture, resembling the bed! You need to style the bed head hairstyle with some thick pomades, mousses and classic wax substances. More on hair ideas for punks.

Long Hairstyles

Long hairstyles for men are still one of the most sought after hairstyles. For all such people who want to join the metal crowd, I would suggest learning the basics of proper hair care. It is important to protect your hair from direct sunlight, in order to keep them shiny and healthy. You also need to avoid harsh hair colors, bleaches and chemicals. It is also important to trim your hair once in every 8 to 10 weeks, so that split ends and dead hair ends can be removed. You also need to use a suitable conditioner to nourish the hair and keep them untangled. Healthy long hair doesn’t really require much of styling, still, if you prefer, you can use hair bands and other hair accessories.

Apart from the above mentioned alternative hairstyles, you can always opt for the emo hairstyle, rocker hairstyle, and seductive hairstyle. You can try a common hairstyle in the most uncommon way, in order to make it a really interesting alternative hairstyle. For instance, hairstyles with bangs are not anon, but you can make them really voguish, by customizing them and creating your own pattern of bangs which are designed to suit you. Good luck!

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