How to Stop Postnasal drip?

Postnasal drip (PND) has got to be one of the most disconcerting ailments that there are. For one, having no control over the mucus flowing down your throat can make anyone uneasy and two, not knowing what to do about it and simply bearing with the discomfort is like introducing a whole new dimension to the suffering. That is why many people want to know how to stop the postnasal drip, and that is what I’ll be telling you some alternative ways in this article.

How to Stop Postnasal drip?What is Postnasal Drip

Every single day, the glands in the throat and nose produce mucus (almost 2 quarts). This mucus is necessary to cleanse the air that we take in and moisten the nasal membranes. Without this, the throat tissues will be damaged. We unconsciously keep swallowing the mucus that is produced, throughout the day. Postnasal drip (PND) occurs when there is the excessive secretion by the glands which results in an increase in the production of mucus and therefore the mucus keeps running down the throat. And since this action happens frequently, we are made aware of it. Just like we would be if we had a runny nose but the mucus in throat flows in the opposite direction in this case.

How to Stop Postnasal Drip Naturally

There are a number of natural remedies that’ll help in how to stop post nasal drip. Let us review some of these post nasal drip remedies in the following article.

Hydrate Yourself

It is essential that you drink plenty of liquids so that your body remains hydrated. This is essential because it’ll prevent the mucus from becoming thick and the swallowing will hence be made easier. The liquid will help to moisten the mucus lining and it’ll therefore be easier for the mucus to flow out. Warm liquids like herbal teas and chamomile will help.

Increase Humidity

Increase the humidity of the room by setting the level of the humidifier to a higher level or steam the bathroom and sit there for some time. This will again help to hydrate your glands and the secretion of the mucus won’t be as thick. Thus making it easier for you.

Avoid Foods

Certain foods like milk will cause the excess secretion of mucus while others like red pepper and chili will irritate the throat. Both these conditions will lead to a postnasal drip. Therefore if one wants to get to the root of it, try and avoid dairy products and spicy irritants.


Another very effective way of going about clearing a postnasal drip is to take a hot steam. This, you will see, will provide immediate relief by clearing up your blocked nose and moistening the mucus lining and therefore liquidizing the solid mucus buildup and allowing it to flow smoothly down the throat. Put some eucalyptus oil in the steam water for an added post nasal drip cure.


Gargling with hot salty water (½ tbs in 1 glass water) will instantly massage the throat and help provide relief. It will also clear out the mucus build-up. Do this at least 2 times a day for speeding up the healing process.

Blow Your Nose

Make sure that you blow your nose regularly. This, you’ll have to agree, is the simplest way of getting a post nasal drip treatment. But that’s not all that it does, it will also help to speed the process of recovery.

Neti Pot

Use a neti pot or a similar device as a nasal irrigation solution, that is to irrigate and hydrate your nose with saltwater. This helps to keep the glands moist and it is an excellent method on how to stop post nasal drip.

And now that you have some pointers on how to stop post nasal drip, make sure that you use them well and don’t have to bear the discomfort unnecessarily.

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