Ten Kitchen Safety Tips

Safety is one of the major aspects of any home. Although every corner and room in a home is critical, a lot of care should be taken as far as kitchen safety is concerned. The kitchen is not only a place that contains your cooking paraphernalia, but also a place where you spend a great deal of time.

Kitchen Safety Tips

Kitchen safety should be practiced at all times since it can be a place where things could go wrong. The following are some tips to make your kitchen safe.

1. Ensure that not all cords, wires, and plugs on kitchen appliances are worn. This includes toasters, blenders, coffeemakers, microwaves, mixers, and the like. Do not use extension cords on your kitchen, instead of us a junction box that has a built-in ground fault interrupters to allow extra plugin space. This will help prevent electrical/water shock. Remove damaged or broken appliances.

2. Install childproof locks on your medicine cabinets, cleaning supplies, and on your oven. Never leave the kitchen with pans and pots cooking on the stove. Turn off burners as soon as you take off the pot. Keep potholder, dishtowels, and oven mitts far from the stove and keep lighters and matches in places that children cannot reach.

3. If you are using candles, do not leave the room while they are still lighted. Make sure they are in a safe place and inside a flame-resistant container.

4. Check curtains, furniture, dish towels to make sure they are not blocking vents or heaters.

5. Keep a fire extinguisher inside or near the kitchen, but do not put them near the stove of the heater. If you do not have a fire extinguisher, you can use baking soda or salt in case of a grease fire.

6. Keep emergency numbers on hand or magnetized in your fridge.

7. Make sure to turn pot handles away from the front of your stove and from little hands to avoid scalding which is a common injury in the kitchen. Scalding can happen from hot steam as well. Be cautious when lifting lids off from hot food.

8. When using knives, always use a cutting board and keep it away from your body. Keep your knives clean and sharp. Do not put knives in soapy water or the sink where they might not be seen easily and can cause accidents. Always lay the knives flat and refrain from catching it when it falls.

9. Never place the blender, toaster and other kitchen appliances near the sink. You could get an electric shock and suffer serious injuries if water touches these appliances. Do not plug or unplug appliances with wet hands.

10. Immediately clean up spills and keep the area of the kitchen clear of toy and other items. When cooking, keep young children away or out of the kitchen. Make sure to use a step stool when reaching to high places.

Practicing these kitchen safety tips will help ensure of a more safety dwelling for you and your family.

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