DIY Kithen Flooring Alternatives

While planning to give a new look to your kitchen, you must be flooded with so many options with regards to flooring, backsplash, counters, and cabinets. As the kitchen is the place that gets dirty most of the time, we look for features like easy cleaning and low maintenance. Kitchen tiles are the ones that need the most cleaning, and homeowners are constantly trying to use new tiles, which form the current trends. Previously, as there were limited choices for homeowners in tiling, creativity was hampered but with the new options now available, one can add breathtaking designs to the kitchen flooring.

The kitchen has now replaced the living room by being the central place of the house. While dealing with the kitchen renovation, one should keep in mind the budget, durability, and beauty, which can help the homeowner to make a worthy decision.

DIY Kitchen Flooring Alternative optionsDIY Kitchen Flooring Alternative Options for Your Kitchen

Before going to the store, one should thoroughly research the flooring options that are in vogue. The different types of flooring options available in the market are:

Linoleum or Vinyl Flooring: Perhaps this is the easiest option where a person would just need to stick it to the floor. The installation is simple makes it least expensive and an all-time favorite among homeowners. Vinyl flooring is not only durable but also easy to clean and heat resistant. One thing which the homeowner should remember is that this flooring does not add up to the value of the house. With more new designs and colors available, it has become more attractive for the owners.

Metal Flooring: These new recycled tiles are the latest entry in the market. The metal tiles form an eye appeal and add value to your home. These tiles are available in polished form. These are easy to clean and require low maintenance. These are priced reasonably and one can avail volume discounts. Apart from being light in weight, these tiles give a glossy finish and these don’t get dirty easily.

Wood Flooring: Since a long time, wood has been used in every flooring plan. Wood flooring not only adds meaning to a place, but this also enhances the beauty of the place. Apart from oak and pine, homeowners have more options from maple, cherry and hickory. Hardwood floors can be expensive and it requires constant waxing to have the glossy look. Homeowners who desire to have hardwood floors should opt for pretreated wood floors as these are economical and can be cleaned easily. Even recycled ones are available, which are cheaper than the former ones. A new trend is seen in the wood market flooring made of bamboo and cork. As these are made from treelike tropical grasses, these do not qualify as wood. These floors contain antimicrobial benefits and glass items do not break even if it falls on the floor. The only disadvantage to this flooring is that these are expensive to install.

Brick and Tiles Flooring: Brick flooring gives an antique look to the kitchen. These are easy to install, maintain and require grouting. These tiles can be arranged according to your design plans. These tiles are economical and come in different colors and textures. Similarly, tiles like ceramic ones are another option which is still popular despite other flooring options. Ceramic tiles not only look beautiful when installed, but also are a class apart. These tiles are available in glossy and matte finish. These are less expensive than the wood flooring.

Rubber Flooring: This is one of the recent trends, which is highly popular among homeowners. This type of flooring is best suited for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It also helps in relaxing the feet and back muscles as these tend to pain a lot from constantly standing. Even in this type of flooring, different colors are available. Rubber flooring has been termed as kid-friendly and no breakage of expensive crockery. At the time of installation, it does require extra care while cleaning but as time passes it becomes hard and requires minimal cleaning. Also, it’s better to treat it with a sealant so as to lower the probability of damages. One of the major advantages it has is that it is slip and shock-resistant. It has minimal cost as compared to wood flooring.

With so many options available, it’s easy for a homeowner to get overwhelmed. But despite all the choices, picking the perfect flooring is essential. It’s important to keep in mind certain points which will help you in deriving the best options. Like your personal taste, budget, long term durability, current trends, and designs. Lastly, it’s necessary to have the kitchen floor design in sync with the floor design of your whole house. Kitchen flooring nearly costs around 4% of your total kitchen budget. So it’s better to keep in mind that the key to any renovation is to avoid any stress and enjoy your hard work.

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