Mp3boo Alternatives For Listening to Music for free

Music has no barriers or boundaries what so ever. It has its reach all over the world and to each person or living creature. It can also be used for soothing the hurting soul of a person, to spread words and feelings of joy or to provide inspiration to people. With the help of the latest technology today, everyone is now able to get access to this precious form of entertainment with just a click on a website online for free.

It is not always possible to get into youtube at any time of the day to just buy a music collection as you might be busy doing some other work. But nowadays, that is not considered to be a problem anymore. With the advent of online websites like MP3BOO, you are now able to get free music downloads and listening to music without any interruption. As a consequence, you can also save a lot of money in this process and also listen to good and free music.

There are numerous other sites as well that offer free listening to MP3 music. The internet is buzzing with numerous such free music sites that offer to download free MP3 music. But then different sites are made in different ways. In some cases, MP3BOO alternative websites, you might need to make a small subscription on a monthly basis. Once you pay the minimum subscription amount, you will be allowed access to download any free music that is available on their website. Then there are also some other websites that require you to pay a small fee per song that you download from them. MP3BOO is one of the best options for you for listening to free music online without any subscription. They also have music of different genres and categories, so different varieties for different people are also available online at MP3BOO.


Mp3boo Alternatives


SoundCloud is a very famous music sharing website that allows users to promote, upload, and share audio. It is one of the largest music streaming site that has more than 175 million users. Soundcloud mobile app is also available on the Google Play Store for Android users and Appstore for iPhone users. It has options for both paid and free subscriptions. SoundCloud supports MP3, AIFF, FLAC, WAV, OGG, AAC, MP2, AMR, ALAC, and WMA files.


The internet has made finding and listening to music easier than ever, whether you’re looking for a new band to listen to or simply wishing to check out some old favorites. There are many perfect ways to listen to music online and they’re completely free. Several of the MP3 music sites like mp3juices offer a free music downloads mp3, free mp3 download or listen to music online for free. Anybody who’s interested in music can just search your favorite song on the search box and listen to music. Many people are benefitted from this. Another best thing about online music is that you can download and listen to your favorite music for free. It gives an opportunity for users to listen to the music of different genres.


Instamp3 is another favorite website that allows users to download songs on different categories. It is one of the best mp3boo alternatives. The songs can be downloaded without using any external software. It has very good easy to understand interface and successfully attracted millions of users. If you look to give it a test can definitely try along with Loudtronix.

A leading free music interface with a multitude of options that are fast catching up with people worldwide. Users can sign up to make their very own profiles by providing their details in order for to create a unique account. Once that step is done, you are free to explore radio stations. Each artist has their own fan page which you can add to your library including tracks from their albums. All items are displayed in a fashion that is user-friendly. Once you access your profile you can put in personal details of yourself that are up for display to others. Once you finish, you can start making your own playlists and adding music from different radio stations. There is also an application called a ‘Scrobbler’ that ‘scrobbles’ your music from an existing music player on your system, and keeps a track of how many times you’ve tuned in to a track, with a list of your highest plays and top artists. Users can send shout outs on your page with also a view of who’s online and what track they are listening to at that precise moment. It is a top-notch free music plateau that allows you to post your music player onto other websites/blogs.


This website offers a pool of options to access free radio stations and online music. You can avail from tools like following ORS on twitter and joining them on Facebook; getting the free radio toolbar and also radio widgets to place on other websites/blogs. There is also an article section on music genres, music history, radio shows, Internet radio and news on ORS. This site features all kinds of Internet radio stations that you can explore with featured stations like One, CJGY, WSLR, Tech, Firs, Net, JELL and more.


Music lovers can also test out Leaks4Ever. However, when you search for Leaks4Ever on the search engine. You will find the different broken links which are not useful. We can’t recommend Leaks4Ever as mp3boo alternative but still, you have a different view side.


Gaana is an Indian music streaming website that offers free and paid subscription. It has more than 100 million monthly users that provide both international and Indian music content. You can make your playlist at which can be seen by other users. This helps users to choose from their favorite playlist. There are more than 45 million songs at


If you want to look for more options then Israbox is another alternate. Music lovers will find the songs of different genres on this website. This website has a very good user interface and an in-built search engine. Users can search their favorite songs and download them with ease. The music genre includes Classical Music, Funk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Instrumental, Pop, R&B, Reggae, Rock and many more.


Besides providing an impressive array of music collections, Napster also provides mp3 downloads that can be listened to on your iPod and other players. You can also download the Napster manager to handle all your music in an organized display. You can also check out new album releases, billboard charts and radio staff picks. Users can also access full-length songs that can be listened to without any tracks being cut short; no payments whatsoever, so you can listen to free music without downloading anything.


Mp3Fusion is another good alternative of mp3boo. It has a very easy interface easy to understand and download your favorite music online. It is not so famous among the user but could be good for mp3 music lovers.


Mp3INT is one of the best mp3boo alternatives. Different Genere Music and Songs are available on the website. You can navigate easily and find your favorite song.


Many sites like Plixid offer free latest music albums to download. Likewise, Loudtronix Plixid has easy to use-interface and songs available in different genres. They have music album of the genre like Blues, Classic, Country music, Electronic, Folk, Jazz, Metal and more…

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