Top Best Snapchat Alternatives

Snapchat has been one of the most popular instant messaging services. With a user base of over 190 million users worldwide as of 2019, it has always excelled in bringing something new to its members. One of the unique features that the app offers you is the Self-Destructive Snapchats.

But, many of us may not be happy with Snapchat. There could be many reasons for it. Maybe you are looking for something new. Perhaps you want to explore the other alternatives or maybe you were not aware of the fact that there exist a vast number of Snapchat alternatives.

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snapchat alternatives

5 Best Alternatives to Snapchat

Whatever be your reason, we will examine a few of the apps that can be used in place of Snapchat.

1. Telegram

In fact, Telegram has been a strong contender for the position of the best instant messenger app. Though WhatsApp has grown familiar (maybe with a strong marketing strategy), Telegram can be considered an all-rounder.

Our top-notch reason for opting for Telegram is the fact that it also comes with a Web version. Though you can use Snapchat on your PC or laptop, it would involve using creepy third party services, or specific procedures. With Telegram, you get the native web-based client. Telegram lets you send and receive messages, videos, stickers, and files.

Telegram works with your mobile number like most of the competing instant messengers. Another feature that sets it apart is the ability to add multiple devices to your account and can receive the messages on each of your devices. You can change your number associated with your Telegram account, and if you do so – your contacts will be given a notification to that effect. A well thought of feature indeed.

2. Clipchat

Clipchat can be a good alternative to Snapchat. Sadly enough, it is available only in select countries. It is a video-sharing app that lets you send and receive messages, images, and videos.

It has almost all features supported on Snapchat. You can send self-destructible messages. Moreover, the app tends to be more secure. If any of your recipients try to take a screenshot of your posts, you will be notified of the same. The app offers you high-end encryption.

Clipchat app has a simple and light interface. If you are the one switching from Snapchat, you will not feel much of a difference. In fact, Snapchat borrows many of the Snapchat features and improves it further regarding the interface.

3. Wickr

Wickr is best known for its privacy and anonymity features. The app is available for both Android and iOS. It offers you to set a self-destruct timer. Your messages will be automatically deleted as soon as this timer goes off.

The app which made its entry in 2012 offers you end to end encryption just like WhatsApp. It can be considered as one of the most secure apps when it comes to your instant messenger needs. Wickr also has a website version. It is available for Windows, Mac and even for Linux.

You will not have anything to complain about the interface of the app as well. It allows you to add as many filters to your images as you may want to. Wickr has been considered to be the safest among the self-destructing instant messaging apps. In fact, it features as the first and best in any list that discusses Snapchat alternatives. So if you are serious enough about moving away from Snapchat, this is the best we can suggest.

4. Slingshot

Slingshot happens to be the simplest among the instant messengers featured here in this article. It has a simple user interface and thereby can be almost 30 to 40 percent faster than Snapchat or any of its other alternatives.

Slingshot is, in fact, a brainchild of Facebook. When it failed to acquire Snapchat, Facebook developed Slingshot as a competitor to Snapchat. However, the app was not available for other operating systems other than iOS. However, it has now been made available on Android as well. The app has a great user interface.

The app lets you shoot an image, or a video from within the app and send them to your friends. There is an editor within the app if you want to touch it up a little before sending it.

5. Yovo

It takes the concept introduced by Clipchat still forward. As we stated above, Clipchat informs you when a recipient of your messages attempts to take a screenshot of your messages. But it will not aid you in stopping the person from taking a screenshot and having your private information with him/her. Yovo makes an attempt to address the matter.

Not that the app will not let your recipient take a screenshot, but it will blur the screen. That would make Yovo a good choice as an alternative to Snapchat. Snapchat, incidentally, does not have either of the features that Clpchat or Yovo offers.

To make this work, you will need to activate the D-fence mode on your Yovo app. The app is available only on iOS though.

Some honorable mentions

That completes our list of top five Snapchat alternatives. However, that would not make it an exhaustive list, though. Here are a few apps that can compete as well with Snapchat.

Cyberdust is an app designed to send self-destructive messages to your friends. You can use the app to send GIFs, animations and even URLs that will destruct themselves within a few minutes. You can pin the messages so that you can remember them once they are sent. The app is available both on Android and iOS.

Burn Note is yet another Snapchat alternative that comes with a desktop version along with a mobile app. This too makes attempts to stop the recipient from taking a screenshot of your messages. The app sends the messages as black bars instead of text to see which you need to swipe on the screen. That would make it somewhat impossible to take a screenshot.

Slinger is one of the latest apps that can be a competitor to Snapchat. It offers you some great features in editing and publishing your videos. The app is free and is available only on iOS.

And in conclusion

We hope the Best Snapchat alternatives outlined in this article would be helpful for our readers who have been looking forward to moving away from Snapchat. Even if you are a die-hard Snapchat fan, we will invite you to try a couple of the apps from our list so that you can explore the possibility of doing much more than what you currently do on your favorite app. Share your favorite apps on this list with us. You may also share your list as well to help our fellow readers an insight into it.

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