Why Tim Tam Cakes and Other Recipe Options Are Popular

People have loved Tim Tams since the chocolate biscuit product first came out in 1963. And it is correct to say that people have loved cakes for even longer. Put the two together, and you have a recipe for success.

Few tasty treats can match the way a Tim Tam cake can satisfy your food cravings. It is the perfect amalgamation of two flavours, each one great in its own right. That is why the Tim Tam flavour is one of the most popular options in cakes.

Still, very few people know anything about the Tim Tam cake other than its delicious taste. Most of you will be surprised to learn that it has a fascinating history. To help you gain even more appreciation (if possible) for Tim Tam cakes, here is some information about the tasty treat.

Tim Tam Cakes

What Are Tim Tams?

Tim Tam was the brainchild of Ian Norris, director of food technology for an Australian biscuit company called Arnott’s. Its story started when Norris took a trip around the world to collect ideas for a new product. His journey eventually took him to Britain, where he found the Penguin biscuit.

Inspired by its taste and potential appeal to the Australian market, Norris decided right there and then that his new product will be a much better version of the British chocolate-covered biscuit bar. Ross Arnott came up with the label Tim Tam after watching a racehorse of the same name win the Kentucky Derby in 1958.

In 1963, Arnott’s launched Tim Tams, advertising the classic version as a flavoursome, smooth cream squeezed in by two crunchy biscuits then covered by a thin layer of chocolate.

It was an instant success! It immediately became the company’s best-selling product, reaching sales of more than 30 million per year by the end of the century. It has since seen many variations and has found its way into countless recipes, including the Tim Tam cake.

What Are the Best Ways to Enjoy Tim Tam?

There are many ways to enjoy Tim Tam. You can mix it with ice cream and milk, turning it into an ice-cold Tim Tam milkshake. It is a great way to beat the heat during the long and humid summer months.

For a little variety, you can enjoy them as bite-sized treats of chocolate balls. Just mix Tim Tams, condensed milk, and some coconut, you have your after-dinner nibble.

Incorporating Tim Tams is also one way to jazz up your favourite cheesecake recipe. Just mix Tim Tam crumbs with butter and add chunks of biscuits folded through the cheese filling, and you have the perfect cheesecake for Tim Tam aficionados.

If you are into baked slices, there is also a way to give them a Tim Tam twist. All you need is some Turkish delight, marshmallows, dark chocolate, cream, and Tim Tams. You can throw in some pistachios or almonds to add more flavour and texture.

Among the many recipes that Tim Tam has found its way into, cakes offer the most in terms of taste and satisfaction. Tim Tam cakes are highly sought after in every cake shop, whether online or at brick-and-mortar locations. The most popular flavours are the sponge cake and the chocolate buttercream cake, both covered with chocolate ganache and decorated with Tim Tam crumbs. It is the best option for die-hard fans of cake and Tim Tams.

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